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October 28, 2018 - The Boundaries of Our Hearts

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

First Universalist is a multi-racial, multi-cultural, and intergenerational faith community of mutual caring and support where people bring all of who they are and welcome each other with joy. Our sense of who we are as a community of faith is ever expanding. These words cast a vision of who we are and who we are becoming. Join us as we do the spiritual work of learning to expand the boundaries of our hearts and our community.

Call to Worship by Emily Murphrey, sermon by Rev. Jen Crow

October 21, 2018 - Making Room

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

It’s easy to talk a good talk about welcoming, hospitality, and inclusion at church. After all, this ancient practice still lives at the core of our tradition. However, the Rev. Karen Hering poses a good question, “Are we accountable to people we do not know?” As we deal with the complications, hardships, and commitments of our lives from day to day, why should we prioritize welcoming the stranger? Is it possible to live a whole and wholesome life in the comfort of what/who we currently know? Join us for an exploration of hospitality, the stranger, our deepest yearnings, and the life-saving wisdom of Universalism.

Call to Worship by Daryn Woodson, Sermon by Rev. Elaine Aron Tenbrink

October 14, 2018 - Longing for Belonging

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

One of the most important and powerful longings of the human heart is for belonging. More important even than food or shelter, belonging can offer us a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection that can sustain us no matter what ups and downs life may throw our way. Come explore what it might mean to honor that human longing for belonging, for ourselves and each other.

Call to Worship by Drew Rosielle, sermon by Rev. Jen Crow

October 7, 2018 - This Is Us

Monday, October 15th, 2018

Join us for our 2nd annual Mental Health Sunday, as we continue our work as a faith community to remove the stigma of mental health, and as we welcome, affirm, and protect the light in each human heart. This service features voices from our community who have shared their stories and journies with mental health.

Wisdom Story by Rev. Elaine Aron Tenbrink, homily by Rev. Justin Schroeder. Community Voices: Martha Bird, Gary Melom, and Isha Caldwell

September 30, 2018 - This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Shake that malaise off!

Read our constitution with fresh eyes!

We still live in a representative democracy!


Call to Worship by Richard Lopez, sermon by Rev. Karen Hutt

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