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May 23, 2021- Youth Sunday

Monday, May 24th, 2021

In our annual beloved Youth Sunday worship, our senior high youth offer a message, story and music to remind us to cross the thresholds in our lives with care, creativity and courage. This Sunday, May 23, the service includes a Bridging Ritual to honor our graduating seniors, marking the end of their time as First Universalist youth and welcoming them into young adulthood in our church. Youth Sunday is a moving expression of our vibrant multigenerational religious community that you won’t want to miss.

Words of Welcome- Julica Hermann de la Fuente (:28)

Story for All Ages- Sylvia (3:35)

Musical Offering- Wherever Is Your Heart by Brandi Carlile, Juliet and Theo (7:00)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Julica Hermann de la Fuente (8:40)

Message- Liv (12:45)

Special Music- Swimming to the Other Side by Pat Humphries, David and Lisa Carnes (12:51)

Bridging Ritual- Lindsey Thomas, Lauren Wyeth, Emma Paskewitz (22:25)

Closing Words - Julica Hermann de la Fuente (27:52)


May 16, 2021- Who You Are- Rev. Justin Schroeder

Monday, May 17th, 2021

Rev. Justin writes: Twelve years ago, I was preparing to begin my ministry with First Universalist. Outside of my candidating week with you all, I only knew you on paper. After 12 years together, a time of growth, learning, and journeying through the ups and downs of life, you know me much better, and I know you (as a congregation) much better as well – your strength, your passion, your creativity, your commitment, and your care. As I prepare to leave First Universalist on June 6th, I want to tell you, beloveds, who you are, and who I see you becoming, as a faith community. Though I’ll be involved in worship on June 6th, this is my last full sermon before I leave, and I hope you’ll join us.

Words of Welcome- Rev. Justin Schroeder (:21)

Story for All Ages- Lauren Wyeth (2:38)

Interlude- One Voice by Ruth Moody- Andrew Tralle (8:30)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Jen Crow (11:48)

Message- Who You Are- Rev. Justin Schroeder (18:50)

May 9, 2021- Coming of Age Sunday

Monday, May 10th, 2021

Coming of Age is a beloved tradition in Unitarian Universalism. Instead of asking our youth to sign on to a particular creed or dogma, we charge them with discerning for themselves what they hold dear, using the 7 principles as a guide. To round out the Coming of Age experience, each student is asked to distill their core beliefs about life, God, and humanity into a personal statement of belief. 

Words of Welcome- Rev. Arif Mamdani, Claire Tralle, Emma Paskewitz

Call to Worship- Lilia (6:32)

Story for All Ages- Henry (12:40)

Music for Gathering- Julica, Aliana, Skyler (14:55)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Justin Schroeder (16:07)

Homily- Rev. Arif Mamdani, Eli, Finn, Binyam, Haley (21:35)

Special Music- Lucien (38:48)

Closing Words- Carolyn (40:13)



May 2, 2021- Mind the Gap- Rev. Arif Mamdani

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

The phrase “mind the gap” serves as a warning on the London subway system, encouraging riders to pay attention to the threshold between the subway platform and the subway car. A little closer to home, the phrase “mind the gap” also highlights the importance of thresholds in our own lives. This month, our May worship theme of “thresholds” invites us to be mindful of our own thresholds and the thresholds in the world around us. Join Rev. Arif, Aimee K. Bryant, and Rev. Justin for a service that opens up this theme of thresholds and invites us to notice the many thresholds in our lives, past, present, and future.

Words of Welcome- Rev. Arif Mamdani (:29)

Wisdom Story- Aimee K. Bryant (4:04)

Special Music- Come My Way, Travis Waymon and Franco Holder (13:52)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Justin Schroeder (15:38)

Special Music- Holy Now by Peter Mayer- David Lauth (22:51)

Message- Mind the Gap- Rev. Arif Mamdani (27:16)

Outro Music- For All That Is Our Life- Fawzia Khan 


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