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March 6, 2022- A Bigger Togetherness

Monday, March 7th, 2022

As we live into new and more expansive ways of being together, what will we hold on to, and what will we release? What fierce and holy imagination will guide us as we drop the ways of being that weigh us down, taking only what we need into a future full of justice, liberation, love and joy for the generations to come? 

Prelude- Gather Together- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout and Franco Holder

Welcome and Call to Worship- Rev. Jen Crow (2:25)

Story for All Ages- Acornology- Lauren Wyeth and the Worship Team (9:19)

Interlude- Building A New Way- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout and Franco Holder (13:52)

Prayer and Meditation- Rev. Arif Mamdani (16:16)

Message- A Bigger Togetherness- Rev. Jen Crow (28:47)



February 27, 2022- Humanism is Black

Monday, February 28th, 2022

The first humanists in the United States were people of African descent. They brought with them a philosophy that is rooted in every attempt America has made to envision a more perfect union. This Sunday, we will explore two moments where explicit and implicit humanist constructs informed the movement of human dignity.

Words of Welcome and Call to Worship- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (:20)

Community Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Arif Mamdani (7:53)

Interlude- What's Going On? by Marvin Gaye- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (15:03)

Message- Humanism is Black- Rev. Karen Hutt


February 20, 2022- black magic

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

BlackLivesMatter. Self-care. Intersectionality. The Underground Railroad. Fractal world change–the power in communities of communities. “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” pleasure activism. Warrior poetry. Stonewall, and the countless other times a drag queen gets her life, and saves another.

Women are powerful and dangerous, Audre Lorde writes.

Thank goodness.

We’re conjuring a joyful celebration of the million ways black female and trans pioneers make justice and love more real, every day and night.


Prelude- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout and Aimee K. Bryant (:29)

Words of Welcome and Land Acknowledgement- Rev. Arif Mamdani (2:10)

Call to Worship- Rev. Arif Mamdani (4:33)

Story for All Ages- Sulwe by Lupita Nyong'o- Julica Hermann de la Fuente (8:48)

Interlude- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout and Aimee K. Bryant (18:13)

Community Prayer and Cycle of Life- Julica Hermann de la Fuente (22:35)

Message- black magic- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (29:10)
Dr. Rideout's message was interspersed between clips from this video

Offering- Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism- Rev. Arif Mamdani (41:21)

February 6, 2022- Here We Are (Again)

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

Join us this Sunday for a service of prayer and renewal led by Rev. Jen Crow, Rev. Arif Mamdani, Rev. Karen Hutt, Lauren Wyeth, and Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout.

Prelude- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (:21)

Words of Welcome- Rev. Karen Hutt (1:31)

Interlude- In My Soul- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (11:52)

Time for All Ages- Lauren Wyeth (12:55)

Interlude- More Love- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (19:00)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Arif Mamdani (20:34)

Poetry by Langston Hughes- Rev. Karen Hutt (31:17)

Homily- Rev. Jen Crow (34:00)

Singing Together- lead by Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (43:32)

January 30, 2022- Mental Health Sunday

Monday, February 7th, 2022

Guest speaker Vicki Elliott, Executive Director of Mental Health Connect, joins our team of worship leaders this week to talk about her own journey with mental health, how it’s impacted her family, and why it matters that faith communities work to destigmatize mental illness and ensure that everyone has access to the mental health care resources they need.

Words of Welcome- Rev. Jen Crow (:30)

Call to Worship- Rev. Karen Hutt (9:42)

Blessing for Spiritual Growth- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (18:21)

Paryer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Jen Crow (21:22)

Message- Vicki Elliott, E.D. of Mental Health Connect (27:09)

Vocals throughout- Aimee K. Bryant and Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout

January 16, 2022- What the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Taught Us

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

This Sunday, join Rev. Ashley Horan and Julica Hermann de la Fuente for a conversation about the lessons and ongoing challenges in our racial justice work, discussed through the lens of MLK’s legacy. As we once again meet online only to help each other and our broader community stay safe, we will leverage the chat in Zoom and talk with each other about this important work. In the first half of the message, Julica and Ashley will have a conversation with each other, and then you will be invited to share questions via the chat. Children and youth will also have a chance to share their thoughts during the time for all ages. Join us on Zoom for this interactive service as we continue to center the liberation and joy of Black and Brown people.


Words of Welcome- Rev. Arif Mamdani (:29)

Call to Worship- Julica Hermann de la Fuente (3:46)

Time for All Ages- Julica Hermann de la Fuente and Rev. Ashley Horan (6:42)

Song- We Are- Aimee K. Bryant and Franco Holder (15:23)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Arif Mamdani (17:52)

Question Box Message - Julica Hermann de la Fuente and Rev. Ashley Horan (24:49)

January 9, 2022- Remembrance Sunday

Monday, January 10th, 2022

Remembrance Sunday is an annual service that is a time to remember and reflect on our losses over the past year and to honor those we love who have died. This service can also be a time to mark other significant losses in the life of your family, such as a separation or divorce, saying goodbye to friends who’ve moved away, or any number of other things.


Words of Welcome, Announcements, and Land Acknowlegement- Julica Hermann de la Fuente and Isabel Quast (:22)

Call to Worship and Chalice Lighting- Rev. Arif Mamdani, Will, Alice (10:21)

Story for All Ages- The Buddha and the Mustard Seed Medicine- Lauren Wyeth (11:54)

Poem- Kindness by Naomi Shihab Nye- Margit Berg (17:58)

Sharing Our Loss and Lighting the Candle of Impermanence- Rev. Arif Mamdani (20:02)

Hymn- Aimee K. Bryant (25:08)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Julica Hermann de la Fuente (26:41)

Reading- Blessing For the Brokenhearted by Jan Richardson- Janet Merrill (32:14)

Naming Ritual and Lighting the Candle of Memory- Julica Hermann de la Fuente and Rev. Arif Mamdani (34:05)

Song- Aimee K. Bryant and Franco Holder (38:21)

Homily- Rev. Arif Mamdani (40:47)

Benediction- Rev. Arif Mamdani (46:30)


Piano throughout- Franco Holder



May 9, 2021- Coming of Age Sunday

Monday, May 10th, 2021

Coming of Age is a beloved tradition in Unitarian Universalism. Instead of asking our youth to sign on to a particular creed or dogma, we charge them with discerning for themselves what they hold dear, using the 7 principles as a guide. To round out the Coming of Age experience, each student is asked to distill their core beliefs about life, God, and humanity into a personal statement of belief. 

Words of Welcome- Rev. Arif Mamdani, Claire Tralle, Emma Paskewitz

Call to Worship- Lilia (6:32)

Story for All Ages- Henry (12:40)

Music for Gathering- Julica, Aliana, Skyler (14:55)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Justin Schroeder (16:07)

Homily- Rev. Arif Mamdani, Eli, Finn, Binyam, Haley (21:35)

Special Music- Lucien (38:48)

Closing Words- Carolyn (40:13)



December 20, 2020- A Christmas Pageant

Sunday, December 27th, 2020

Our beloved annual Christmas Pageant, adapted for the small screen with creativity, humor, and extra layers of meaning will remind you of what matters most in this extraordinary season, as 2020 draws to a close.

This year’s Pageant is born of the time and talents of so many, including: our children and youth, who will co-lead the service and act out our story; Aimee K. Bryant, Randy Buikema, Franco Holder, the First Universalist Choir, Seth Anderson-Matz, Andrew Tralle, Dave and Ani Peichel, several caroling families and our virtual children’s chorus, who crafted amazing music; and a great deal of technical wizardry from dedicated church members and staff.

October 25, 2020 - The Ordination of Rev. Arif Mamdani

Monday, October 26th, 2020

Some say that the most unique element of Unitarian Universalism is its individualism - the idea that each one of us is an essential source of religious authority for our own spiritual journey. But individualism and personal authority are not all there is to it. Our faith requires community, and our faith communities call out the good - and the god - in us. This Sunday, we set one among us apart as we ordain Arif Mamdani to the Unitarian Universalist ministry. Our faith community will call out the good - and the god - in him - and we will reaffirm our commitment to call out the good and the god in ourselves and each other.


Words of Welcome, Rev. Justin Schroeder (:30)

Story for All Ages, Seth Matz (2:29)

Hymn: Gather the Spirit, Aimee K. Bryant and Franco Holder (7:38)

Homily, Rev. Jen Crow (10:30)

Act of Ordination, Bryana French and congregants (21:42)

Presentation of Stole (26:20)

Laying on of Hands, Revs. Janne and Rob Eller-Isaacs (31:00)

Hand of Kinship, Rev. Ashley Horan (35:45)

Charge to the Minister, Rev. Karen Hutt (39:33)

Charge to the Congregation, Rev. Meg Riley (46:10)

Hymn: For All That is Our Life, Fawzia Khan and Franco Holder (49:11)

Benediction, Rev. Arif Mamdani (51:14)

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