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May 9, 2021- Coming of Age Sunday

Monday, May 10th, 2021

Coming of Age is a beloved tradition in Unitarian Universalism. Instead of asking our youth to sign on to a particular creed or dogma, we charge them with discerning for themselves what they hold dear, using the 7 principles as a guide. To round out the Coming of Age experience, each student is asked to distill their core beliefs about life, God, and humanity into a personal statement of belief. 

Words of Welcome- Rev. Arif Mamdani, Claire Tralle, Emma Paskewitz

Call to Worship- Lilia (6:32)

Story for All Ages- Henry (12:40)

Music for Gathering- Julica, Aliana, Skyler (14:55)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Justin Schroeder (16:07)

Homily- Rev. Arif Mamdani, Eli, Finn, Binyam, Haley (21:35)

Special Music- Lucien (38:48)

Closing Words- Carolyn (40:13)



Updated! May 12, 2019 - Our First Sound

Monday, May 20th, 2019

On this updated version of our May 12th Mother's Day Service, hear credos from First Universalist's Coming of Age Class of 2019. 

Credo Intro by Rev. Ruth MacKenzie-  :30

Credos- 2:25-14:16

Sermon, "Our First Sound" - 14:20

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