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June 26, 2022- The World Was Made to be Free In

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022
This summer, as we explore the theme of The Bigger Story, we reflect on how we live in stories and also how stories live in us. Spiritual growth can mean giving up stories that have become too small.
This Sunday, join us for a message from Minister Emerita Rev. Kate Tucker, who will lead worship alongside Rev. Arif Mamdani, vocalist Aimee K. Bryant, and guest pianist Tim Kraack.
Music for Gathering- Aimee K. Bryant and Franco Tim Kraack (:30)
Words of Welcome- Rev. Arif Mamdani (3:49)
Story for All Ages- Rev. Arif Mamdani (9:36)
Hymn- Circle 'Round for Freedom- Aimee K. Bryant and Tim Kraack (15:54)
Prayer- Rev. Arif Mamdani (17:14)
Message- The World Was Made to be Free In- Rev. Kate Tucker (29:37)
Invitation to Give to Our Justice- Rev. Arif Mamdani (50:25)

June 5, 2022- Flower Communion

Monday, June 6th, 2022

99 years ago, almost to the day, Rev. Norbert Capek led the first Flower Communion ritual. He developed it then, and we observe it today, as a ritual of giving and receiving, of connecting with the beauty in each of us, and the bigger story of that beauty when we come together in community, in fellowship, and in the spirit of love that is this church. We’ll have music from Dean Magraw and his band, and a special guest vocalist, Thomasina Petrus.

Prelude- Feelin' Good by Nina Simone- Dean Magraw, guitar; Thomasina Petrus, vocals; and the band

Words of Welcome- Rev. Jen Crow (3:13)

Time for All Ages- Saying Goodbye to Julica (12:18)

Flower Communion Ritual- Rev. Arif Mamdani (20:15)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Arif Mamdani (28:51)

Homily- Rev. Jen Crow (31:42)

Invitation to Give- Rev. Jen Crow (38:28)

Benediction- Summertime by Miles Davis- Thomasina Petrus, Dean Magraw and the band (41:15)

May 15, 2022- Everybody In

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Almost 30 years ago, First Universalist Church dared to dream of a physical space that might mirror our mission – a place where there would always be room for one more, where our sense of who we are is ever-expanding, a building that might embody a love that will not let anyone go. This Sunday, May 15, we celebrate the completion of our capital project, Not for Ourselves Alone: Building an Inclusive Future, as we welcome everybody in and say thank you to our past, present, and future selves.

Music for Gathering- Everybody In- Peter Mayer (:30)

Words of Welcome and Land Acknowledgement- Rev. Arif Mamdani (5:19)

Wisdom Story- Rev. Jen Crow (12:02)

Meditation and Prayer- Peter Mayer and Rev. Arif Mamdani (20:59)

Message- Everybody In- Rev. Jen Crow (33:49)

Gratitudes and Celebration- Rev. Jen Crow (39:41)

Invitation to Give- Rev. Jen Crow (55:23)

Music for Going- The Wonder- Peter Mayer

April 24, 2022- Truth… It Is Worth Waiting For

Monday, April 25th, 2022

In Unitarian Universalism, our congregations, and specifically the members of our congregations, are the only body that can ordain a minister, calling out and lifting up one whose ministry is formally recognized and named in the act of ordination. This Sunday, we gather to formally lift up the ministry of Stephanie Vos. Through word, song, and story, we’ll share some of her journey, tell a bigger story about what ministry can be in the world, and formally ordain Stephanie to the Unitarian Universalist ministry. Join us for this joyous and celebratory service.

Words of Welcome- Rev. Jen Crow (:31)

Interlude- Aimee K. Bryant and Franco Holder

Call to Worship- from Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer- Cedar Schimke (6:39)

Time for All Ages- Toolbox of Faith- Lauren Wyeth (9:24)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Jen Crow (16:42)

Homily- Rev. Jen Crow on behalf of Rev. Karen Hutt (21:06)

Invitation to Give to the Living Tradition Fund of the UUA (34:47)

The Ordination of Stephanie Vos- Daryn Woodson, Rev. Jen Crow, Rev. Arif Mamdani (37:08)

Hymn- Wake Now My Senses (51:30)

Benediction- Rev. Stephanie Vos (53:16)


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