February 21, 2021- Remember, You Are Water - Rev. Jen Crow

The truth is, grief hurts. It is exhausting, disorienting, and downright awful when we lose someone or something that matters to us. As we approach a year of pandemic living and losing, grief is our everyday companion. The author and activist, adrienne maree brown, reminds us that we are water, that the salt trails of our tears are the natural outcome of our living and loving. This Sunday, we continue to recognize our losses and the love that keeps us connected.


Words of Welcome- Rev. Justin Schroeder (:28)

Story for All Ages- Seth Anderson-Matz (3:54)

Interlude music by Dean Magraw

Message- Remember, You Are Water- Rev. Jen Crow (9:37)

Anthem- Gaelic Blessing- First Universalist Choir, Dr. Randal Buikema (33:05)

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