January 31, 2021- Amidst the Change- Rev. Justin Schroeder

We are in the midst of great change, aren’t we? Some change we choose, and some change chooses us, but everything is always changing. As Octavia Butler writes, “God is Change.” What might it mean to really embrace this reality? As we finish our month of exploring the theme of “Choosing Change,” we’ll rest in the divine swirl of courage, change, brokenness, love, new possibilities and dreams, and we’ll see what emerges to guide us in our living in 2021. 


Words of Welcome - Rev. Justin Schroeder (:30)

Story for All Ages- Lauren Wyeth (3:29)

Hymn- Voice Still and Small- Erin Segrue (8:38)

Sermon- Amidst the Change- Rev. Justin Schroeder (10:15)

Anthem- Dream On by Aerosmith- First Universalist Choir (29:32)

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