July 24, 2022- The Larger Circle

Poet Wendell Berry’s description of “The Larger Circle” as “the circle of all creatures/Passing in and out of life” takes on new meaning as we gaze at – and struggle to comprehend- the 13 billion light-year view of the earliest galaxies in the universe provided by the James Webb telescope. Are those faint smudges even connected to us? Do they matter? How? Or is the question, why?


Music for Gathering- Morning Has Broken- Aimee. K. Bryant, Franco Holder (:28)

Words of Welcome & Call to Worship- Rev. Kate Tucker (2:12)

Story for All Ages- The Stuff of Stars- Marion Dane Bauer (6:33)

Offering- Rev. Kate Tucker

Offertory- Turn the Word Around- Aimee K. Bryant, Franco Hoder (11:55)

Prayer and Meditation- Aimee K. Bryant, Rev. Kate Tucker (15:18)

Message- The Larger Circle- Kathy Coskran (22:10)

Hymn- Blue Boat Home- Aimee K. Bryant, Franco Holder (39:30)

Benediction- Kathy Coskran (42:00)

Music for Going- Where You Go by Shoshanna Jedwab- Aimee K. Bryant, Franco Holder


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