July 31, 2022- The Permanent and the Transient in Unitarian Universalism

Over the course of our 200-or-so-year history as a denomination, we Unitarian Universalists have undergone considerable change. That doesn’t mean that transformation has always–or ever–been easy. In the coming year, we are faced with the opportunity to be a part of the sacred task of renewing our faith as both a community and a movement. What can the transcendentalist revolutionaries of early American Unitarianism teach us about what it means to be a living faith tradition today? What is it that truly holds us together in sacred covenant now and into the future, and what are the outward manifestations of our shared faith that are ready to be transformed for a new age?

Words of Welcome- Rev. Kate Tucker (:50)

Story for All Ages- Jill Braithwaite (6:04)

Invitation to Give- Rev. Kate Tucker (12:57)

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Kate Tucker (14:50)

Message- Meleah Houseknecht (21:07)

Benediction- Meleah Houseknecht (42:48)


Piano throughout- Franco Holder

Vocalists- Fawzia Khan, Libby Crawford

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