March 13, 2022- Living in Full Progress

Sometimes the swirl of the world, our communities, our lives, is just too much. Rest and stillness are part of the story – and so is change. This Sunday, March 13, we’ll explore what it means to let go of perfection and live in full progress – risky, messy, beautiful becoming.

Words of Welcome- Rev. Jen Crow (:30)

Celebration of 10 Years with Lauren Wyeth (3:39)

Call to Worship- Liv Dalby (8:17)

Story for All Ages- Acornology, part 2 (15:03)

Interlude- Right on Time- Ellis Delaney

Prayer and Cycle of Life- Rev. Arif Mamdani (23:26)

Reflection- Todd Pierson (30:33)

Reflection- Claire Tralle (36:38)

Invitiation to Give- Rev. Arif Mamdani (42:17)

All Interludes and Outro music- Ellis Delaney


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