March 6, 2022- A Bigger Togetherness

As we live into new and more expansive ways of being together, what will we hold on to, and what will we release? What fierce and holy imagination will guide us as we drop the ways of being that weigh us down, taking only what we need into a future full of justice, liberation, love and joy for the generations to come? 

Prelude- Gather Together- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout and Franco Holder

Welcome and Call to Worship- Rev. Jen Crow (2:25)

Story for All Ages- Acornology- Lauren Wyeth and the Worship Team (9:19)

Interlude- Building A New Way- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout and Franco Holder (13:52)

Prayer and Meditation- Rev. Arif Mamdani (16:16)

Message- A Bigger Togetherness- Rev. Jen Crow (28:47)



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