March 7, 2021- Faithful Action Sunday

What does it mean to act on your faith? This Sunday, March 7, you’ll hear moving testimony and reflections from members of our Faithful Action Council, the group that oversees the church’s Faithful Action Ministries, and you’ll hear from congregants involved with our Faithful Action Partners*, and how this involvement has grown their spirits, deepened their faith, and given them hope when things have seemed hopeless.

*Our Faithful Action Partners are Augsburg Fairview Academy, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, Habitat for Humanity, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, Simpson Housing, a variety of Immigration Justice Organizations and the Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement (CLNE.)


Words of Welcome- Rev. Justin Schreoder (:31)

Spoken Word- Joe Davis (5:11)

Story for All Ages- Aimee K. Bryant (8:35)

Hymn- We Shall Be Known- Seth Anderson-Matz (17:04)

Faithful Action Team Conversations (19:16)

Interlude- We'll Build a Land- Sarah Lindsay and Franco Holder (27:49)

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