November 1, 2020 - On God and Country, Rev. Ashley Horan

On November 3, the United States will hold our 59th national presidential election day–and in the midst of pandemic, climate catastrophe, rising authoritarianism, and widespread uprising, this is perhaps the most significant election in our country’s history. In the context of extreme polarization and threats to so many communities, what trust can we have in the traditional systems and structures of democracy in the United States? And if that trust has been eroded–or never existed–in what can we place our trust, and our hope? Rev. Ashley Horan explores of our current moment and what our faith offers and compels us to do in these times.

Words of Welcome, Rev. Justin Schroeder (:30)

Story for All Ages, Julica Hermann de la Fuente (5:45)

Sermon- On God and Country, Rev. Ashley Horan (15:52)

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