November 11, 2018 - And Isn’t That Enough?

In her poem, “A New National Anthem,” the poet Ada Limon writes, “Perhaps, the truth is, every song of this country has an unsung third stanza, something brutal snaking underneath us as we blindly sing the high notes with a beer sloshing in the stands hoping our team wins.” Over these past two years, the veil has been pulled back on the ugliness that is a part of our country and its founding – racism, anti-semitism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and white nationalism – all of which have been given oxygen by the words and rhetoric of the leaders of our country. It’s enough. It’s enough to destroy our democracy. Enough to destroy our moral compass. It’s enough, and it’s time to sing a new song.

Call to Worship by Daryn Woodson, Sermon by Rev. Justin Schroeder

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