November 15, 2020 - Living Our Values During the Pandemic Holidays, Rev. Justin Schroeder

The costs of the global pandemic have been high: lives and jobs lost; family gatherings, celebrations, and memorial services postponed, or cancelled; and physical contact limited with friends and loved ones. At the same time, for some of us, the lockdowns and different pace of life have given us a glimpse of what else might be possible. For a time, the smoggy sky over major world cities cleared. Carbon emissions dropped. Many of us became more clear what really mattered and why. How might these new “pandemic insights” shape our holiday season this year? What would it mean to put the earth first this year? To prioritize what really matters? Though the votes have been counted, and a new president elected, every day, we get to vote with our dollars, our actions, and our relationships. Everyday, we can cast a vote for a more just and fair world, or a vote for the status quo. This Sunday, we explore these questions as we launch our annual Holiday Giving Project, in support of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism.


Words of Welcome- Rev. Schroeder (:21)

Story for All Ages- Lauren Wyeth (2:28)

Hymn, Glory Glory- Aimee K. Bryant and Franco Holder

Holiday Giving Reflections- Rev. Schroeder, Lena K. Gardner, Lamboglia Family, Isabel Quast (7:00)

Outro Music, We Shall Be Known - Seth Anderson-Matz


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