September 18, 2022- Belonging to Beloved Community

The dream has been alive for years – Beloved Community. A place, a people, a moment in time when we might truly be, as our Visionary Goal proclaims, “a multi-racial, multicultural, and intergenerational faith community of mutual caring and support where people bring all of who they are and welcome each other with joy. Our sense of who we are as a community of faith is ever expanding.” What does it mean to belong to that Beloved Community, and what will be required of us as we unlearn soul-killing patterns of oppression and practice liberating, life-sustaining ways? What does it mean to belong to this Beloved Community?

Music for Gathering- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (:19)

Words of Welcome- Rev. Arif Mamdani (3:42)

Call to Worship- To Be of Use by Marge Piercy- Lóre Stevens (16:18)

Story for All Ages- Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout (18:26)

Prayer and Meditation- Rev. Arif Mamdani (26:11)

Practice of Giving- Rev. Jen Crow (33:28)

Celebrating Rev. Jen's Ten Years- Rev. Sara Smalley and the Team (37:17)

Message- Belonging to Beloved Community- Rev. Jen Crow (44:30)

Music for Going- Love Will Guide Us (1:03:05)

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