September 22, 2019 - Transmogrify(ing) Church

In the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, Calvin invents a transmogrifier that transforms anything into anything else at the push of a button or the zap of a transmogrifying gun. Change, in the world of Calvin and Hobbes, is easy. Octavia Butler added some nuance to this, reminding us that “all that we touch we change, and all that we change, changes us. That the only constant is change, and that God is change.” If these two perspectives represent points on a (non-linear) continuum of transformation, where exactly does church fit in? Is it a vehicle for our own transmogrification? A container for that which changes us? Do we change church as we take our places in this living tradition?

Call to Worship - Rev. Stephanie Vos (:23)

Reading - We Are All Longing to Go Home, by Starhawk (:59)

Reflection - Rev. Stephanie Vos (1:57)

Sermon - Transmogrify(ing) Church, Arif Mamdani (8:29)


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